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The strategic game part 1

Guest Joe98

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Guest Joe98

Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: Production comes from specific hexes and not some generic pool

Each land hex across the map is worth some production points. Each country begins with a base of production points but you need to capture hexes to increase you?re pool of production points.

A number of hexes across the map are designated factory hexes. A player can spend production points to increase the RATE of production.

Strategic bombers can attack factory hexes. If they damage the factory hex then the rate of production declines. In theory it is possible to get the rate of production down to zero.

However, the Germans will probably spend production points increase the rate of production and offset the damage from the bombing. If they are spending points here it means they have fewer points to spend elsewhere. And therefore the strategic bombing will bite.

Note that in the early war the German strategic bombers would probably attack British factory hexes.

CONS: If too few or too many hexes are designated factory hexes it could spoil the game

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