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CMBO and CMBB scenario packs: here

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(hope to not being flooding the forums; this is the last announcement, honest ;) )

I have added to my homepage several scenarios packs for both CMBO and CMBB

They have been selected among the best rated in The Scenario Depot (especially in the case of CMBO, for which there are such a lot of available scenarios), and separated basing on the suitability for PBEM, TCP/IP or solo play, and those referred as "historical", reflecting actual engagements

Currently, the packs available are:

CMBB Historical scenarios: 28 scenarios and 6 operations based on actual engagements

CMBB Solo Play: 88 scenarios and 5 ops suitable for playing in solitaire

CMBB 2-Player pack: 126 scenarios and 18 operations suitable for playing head-to-head

CMBB TCP Pack: 51 small scenarios (selected from the 2-player pack) suitable for fast, single session TCP/IP battles

CMBO TCP pack: 118 scenarios, small to tiny in size and suitable for fast, single session TCP/IP play

CMBO PBEM pack (new): 137 scens and 13 ops from medium size up, suitable for head-2-head PBEM playing

CMBO Historical Package: 165 scenarios and 9 operations based upon actual battles (as estated by the author)

Furthermore, the best scenarios (again based on consistent, very positive comments from players at The Scenario Depot) are marked with an "$" symbol for easy selection (although every player is encouraged to add their votes at The Scenario Depot)

After browsing these forums a bit, I'm planning to do some CM-ASL Packages. I have still all the scenarios available at the sadly disappeared "ASL for CM" site from Col.Klotz, and I like very much to play those great conversions from ASL Veteran, Marko and others...

Best regards to all of you

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