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Dissapointing response to ROW II with few AAR's

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I thought it worthwhile to highlight the disappointing number of AAR's for the scenario's associated with the ROW II second round games. Although I'm somewhat of a hypocrite by not having finished my Emilville Exit AAR (still working on it but it will be completed soon), I feel that the players owe it to the game designers to give them feedback on how their games played. So come on... pull your finger out and post your AAR's and support the overall concept of Rumblings of War.


Jim R.

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I haven't yet wrote my AAR's, but I will try to make them after the holidays...

I have a slight problem, coz I play at work too (don't tell anyone). At this point my turn files are in two computers and I have to move all my files to my home computer, so I can make an accurate AAR.



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The games happened so long ago, I can't even remember what happened. I did a detailed one for the one with the Tigers, though.

There is also the problem that even if I want to open my saved game files,

a) it involved putting CMBO back in my CD drive...which is where CMBB now has the place of honour

B) watching the movies gives me no clue as to what I was actually thinking or noticing at the time

Unfortunately, geographical realities, as well as the Real Life schedules of the participants, precluded any sort of timely finish to the matches, or any discussion in public of the games. After so many months, it is understandable to simply lose interest.

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