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Problem With Infantry Rallying Too Early

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Isn't it funny how we always get complaints when someone sees something they don't like which seems unrealistic, but never when they see something they do like which seems unrealistic.

I have just seen something blatantly absurd which I like very much, and demand a fix immediately or I won't be buying CM2 and I may just go back to Close Combat because it's an infinitely more realistic and accurate simulation and you can run with heavy machineguns and Royal Tigers rule the battlefield.

This is a picture of a decimated Polish squad which has been cowering in a state of rout for several minutes, and is now being chased towards the map edge (rather conveniently) by one of Stalin's Organ's halftracks.


This is a picture of the same squad moments later. It lay down, was fired upon, took a casualty, got up again and ran.


But when it took the casualty, it magically recovered, and went straight from 'routed' to 'OK'. Why, I ask you, is a decimated squad of green, broken Poles going to suddenly pull themselves together when one of them gets killed?

Squad morale is averaged, so it's almost as though the morale of each man is individually tracked, and in effect two perfectly calm soldiers were being dragged down by one deeply shocked and totally insane madman.

Must add the obligatory BTS, fix or do somefink!! Do want a game that works??

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Offwhite:

"Aaah, that Sgt Zapalowski, this whole mess is all his fault - somebody ought to put a bullet in his--"


"Nice shooting, Karl - of course we will say it was a German bullet!"<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Lol! :D

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Allow me to offer the first actually serious response. Is it possible that this unit went 'fanatic', as all units have a slight chance of doing?

Actually this is a wild guess. I have never been really clear on how unit fanaticism works. Do they go apesh*t on a random chance in the game, or are they start the game with the rambo mentality?

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