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Research and Production part 5

Guest Joe98

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Guest Joe98

Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: Units currently on the map can have their technology level increased by the player.

And so it is, the player will end up with a series of Widgets on the map. In the factory the technology has reached Level 4. But the technology level of the Widgets on the map will vary from Level 1 technology to Level 4 technology.

During the course of a turn the player ought to be able to upgrade units to the next technology level.

The unit must have started the turn already on the map.

The player can upgrade a unit by one level of technology in any turn.

So, a Level 1 Widget can be upgraded to Level 2, and a Level 2 to a Level 3 but a Level 2 cannot upgrade direct to level 4 in one turn. It takes 2 turns.

To upgrade costs points. Each country has a limited number of points. If the points are spent somewhere then there are fewer points to spend in other places.

CONS: Players might find upgrading individual units on the map a chore.

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