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I got the game, have started to play, but........

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Finally after months of anticipation I got the game. I had to upgrade my computer and then save enough to buy the thing and now I've got it.

I do have some points I would like to raise though. I few things I am a bit concerned with.

1) The game has already seized up a few times, something which never happened with the demo.

2)I've noticed a bad clipping problem. I had two tanks head for a waypoint and they 'moved inside each other'!!!! Also one of my tanks ran right over an infantry squad (w/o KIA's)????

3)Another dissapointment was playing the Wihttman senario with the Tiger. I had the Tiger in my sights, 3 Shermans on the same road ready to take him out. The turn ends and whamo out of the blue, hocus pocus 3 German tanks and a few squads just 'appear' on the road?? No they didn't move up from the edge of the board they just appeared there and then?? As I say I had 3 tanks next to him so its not as if they weren't spotted.

4) The graphics appear to be a bit choppy, they're not so clear. Mainly the vehicles.

I'm using a Duron 650, 128MG RAM, SB Live , Nividia TNT2 32MG Video with driver from May 2000 - I'm sure its the latest.

Please guys, what's your feedabck on this?

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1) What version are you using? 1.05 is the latest non beta.

There were stability issues, but it's better now.

2) Abstractions all around. Tanks exist in one point only.

Tanks can't run over infantry. But they will cause a morale loss

by being near them. There's been furious debate about this.

3) The tanks weren't spotted until you spotted them. smile.gif

4. Plenty of graphics modifications availlable,

some way better than the stock graphics. Find them from CMHQ.

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In the Wittman scenario Villers Bocage, the German reinforcements do appear close to the first line of buildings. I think the designer may have assumed that the lone Tiger would have moved forward out of that area. I guess you could rework the German zones in the editor to make them appear closer to the map edge and not quite so far forward.


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Before we get this guy totally confused...

Let me try to answer his questions.

1) Seizing up? Maybe be a driver conflict. But try downloading the v1.05 patch and then the v1.1b24 patch.

2)Clipping? I don't notice any clipping? wink.giftongue.gif. IDF, ALL 3D games have graphics clipping. There's no way around it. It's just a fact of life with 3D games. CM's graphics will clip all the time when they are close. You can even have an AFV clipping through a building. Can't be helped. But setting the unit scale down to "realistic" will help out some. The important thing to note here is that everything on the screen is just mearly a representation of what is in the computers memory. The graphics are just showing you what is going on in the b3est way they can. The internal calculations are a lot more precise.

3)You had the Whittman Tiger in your sights? confused.gif IDF, this scenario is meant to be played *as* the Germans. But anyway, where those 3 other Tigers popped up is where the German reinforcement marker is. If you were there between turn 9 and 11, then yes, they will appear there suddenly. That's the way reinforcements appear. That's the way the game is coded.

4)Vehicle graphics appearing choppy and blurry? Yes the originals were. Since CM's release there have been MANY, MANY mods come out that replace about everything in the game. Yes everything, including the info panel at the bottom of the screen. Check out CMHQ's Mad Dog Mod Packs and 3rd Part Mod Section and Kump's CM Outpost for a slew of Mods that TOTALLY change the way CM looks. There are at least 10 mods alone for the Tiger.

I highly suggest DD's Terrain mods and Panzertruppen's Buildings for starters.


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