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COMBAT MISSIONS: Site Update & Server Status

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As some of you may have gathered, the server that MISSIONS is hosted on is currently down. When it's back, here's what you will find is new :-


(1) - M3A1 Scout Cars, by Matthew Peterson

(2) - Winter Challenger, by Daedalus The Flyer

(3) - Updated Winter Comet, by Daedalus The Flyer

(4) - Dark Winter Hoods / Faces V2.0, by Josh Singer

(5) - Wasp, Universal / MG Carrier, by PawBroon

(6) - 1944 Feldgrau / Camoed SS Uniforms, by DRD


(1) - "RP Duke on the Heimat", by Andy Thomas

(2) - "Putot" updated to V1.1, by Andy Thomas

(3) - "Back We Go", by Niles Hirschi

(4) - "Last Stand - Dalsenburg", updated to V2.0, by Niles Hirschi

(5) - "Villers Bocage", by Tommy Moisan

Note - I did this update 24 hours ago - the server went down just before i was going to upload the index (first) page, that usually lists whats been updated, so although all this stuff is actually on the site and ready to download, this page is still the pre-update version. I will amend it a soon as i become aware that the sever is back.

p.s - i would normally post screenshots of whats new, but there is little point this time round.

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