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BTS, new idea about winter grass & snow tiles, please read.

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OK, now this isn't really directed towards CMBO, but for CM2 mostly.

OK, we all know that when it snows "lightly" and when thawing begins, the entire ground is not covered in snow. So my request is that in the new system there needs to be snow tiles where grass can bee seen through it for at least light snow conditions. Right now this could be achieved with a mod I'm sure. I even thought of using the "transparent pink" on snow tiles to see if that would work. But in CM2, we need dedicated light snow tiles.

Also, the last time I checked, grass in the months of November through March wasn't green. tongue.gif (At least in NW Europe.) wink.gif Now in Russia, it probably is longer than that, right? So a brownish grass needs to be coded into the game engine to where it will display in the winter months just as the winter trees do.

Now I realize that this would incoporate several additional sets of grass and snow tiles, but big deal. As for programming code, it wouldn't take much more than it does to change the trees from season to season.

Thanks for your consideration.


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