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Who was my opponent?

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Ok, I've been away from the game for too long, but now I'm back in fighting shape.

I'm looking for a rematch against someone here, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was that I fought. So what I will do is describe the battle and if you recognize this fight, contact me here.


It was about a 3000 pt ME QB, I think. I was Germany, you were America. We randomly chose experience and I got stuck with a bunch of Green troops. I had a Tiger and a King Tiger overlooking a hill, and a few Hetzers and a JadgPanther on the other side, down a valley a little bit. You bunched your forces up into a big armored column and moved down a road, then offroad towards to Flags.

Highlights of the battle included my King Tiger in very close combat with your troops as it was coming down a hill, me getting my Panthers over on the other side of the valley gun damaged (but you not knowing this), and pulling back until the end of the battle. We fought a great battle back and forth, with much carnage inflicted by you in the beginning, but I came back and knocked out almost all of your tanks.

The endgame was over the flags as you had troops sitting on top of them and a 105 I think guarding. I brought the KT in and kept feinting into the woods onyl to pull it out again for fear of it being knocked out.

I think it ended in a draw.


I THINK we had a rematch where you attacked and I defended, and you crushed my guns with arty in the beginning, but I held the flag on one of my flanks with a pupchen and a bunch of hidden troops in a woods behind it.

I think you won that one.


If this is you, let me know.

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