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New Operation " Rshew Forest " at TCMHQ

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Title: Operation Rshew Forest

Type: Soviet Assault

Best played as: German defender or PBEM

Date: August 1942

Location: Rshew

Weather conditions: Warm and damped

Lenght: 10 battles - 15+ turns each

Author: Frank Torweihe

Historical background

August 1942: While German Army Group South was advancing on Stalingrad and the Caucasus, the weakened troops of Center Army Group ( under command of Generaloberst Model ) were involved in violent defensive actions. In particular the frontline at Rshew was a thorn in the eye of the Russian HQ. With large numerical superiority the Russians made attacks to the north and the east of the city. The German Infantry Regiment 428 , a unit from the 129. Inf. Division ( and now subordinated to the 6th. Inf. Div ) was ordered to throw back the Soviets already sitting in the city forest of Rshew . Without waiting for the arrival of the entire Regiment , the I./418 ( 1st Btn. ) attacked the numerical superior entrenched Russians and conquered a large part of the forest. But despite all heroic efforts the Btn. was nearly wiped out during these attacks and the badly battered units were forced to entrench themselves in the conquered positions. They knew that the Russians would counterattack soon.......

Sources: A book abouth the history of the German 129th Infantry Division and a 1:25000 topographical map of the battleground.

Comment: I am currently playtesting this marvellous operation ( and had restart it again on battle Nr. 4 cause I made some real stupid tactical decisions before ). The atmosphere in this battle is overwhelming and its a real " nailbitter ". No spoilers here ... download it from my website at the " Scenarios 1942 " section.



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Tom Tom...whereforartthou Tom??? My fav' CM site seems to be no longer...despite the first post above.

The link don't work and I've had no joy from the Wargamer site either (www.wargamer.com) where most of the hosted sites seem shot.

Sent you a garbled email in awful German and probably garbled English. Please let me/us know if your site is still alive.

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