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CMBB CD scenarios


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My experience was pretty much as Martin Rapiers. No time with 10 turns to attack the flags one at a time, so advanced on both using MTC for all units, holding the squads with LMG's back a bit as they would be providing the suppresive fire

after first contact. After that it was just a question of supressive fire one squad (LMG) per platoon, and short advances by the other 2 squads, interspersed with rests to return fire. The Russian right flank was cleaned up first with all enemy eliminated for the loss of one complete squad and 2 or 3 chewed up a bit. The left flank was taken shortly before turn 10 with autosurrender by the few remaining Germans alive. I cannot remember my loss figures but they were not high. At no time did I contemplate using human wave. However, lest I think I am a good tactician, I have been humbled again and again in other scenarios since playing this one!



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Thanks chaps, I appreciate the responses. I can hardly imagine how you managed to get your troops to return fire without going belly down into auto-sneak. I will try again though, heartened and encouraged by your successes.

The LMG for support bit was something I had not considered at all. i am obvioulsy not playing htis game at a micro-enough level!

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I had really a great time playing "Fiedhofsh├╝gel" / "cemetery hill", thanks a lot for this one!

It's a very good & tough scenario, it's very interesting to see the outcome of different tactics...

I had a tactical victory last time (69:31), both sides agreed on a ceasefire after turn 14...


Here you'll find an AAR of my last battle on cemetery hill... it's written in german.... ;)


With friendly greetings, Trommelfeuer

[ March 28, 2003, 07:59 PM: Message edited by: Trommelfeuer ]

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