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Strange thing happened to me...

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Hi all!

I was playing a QB.

As German player I was sending to the right flank of my Computer opponent one of my Hetzers.

At a moment the Hetzer becamed mired and fired by a M3A1 HT (regular) open topped which was firing with its 50. cal. HMG 280m away.

Thew flank of the Hetzer was hit two times and after this the crew (regular) abandoned it, so there was not kill description (right hull penetration or something like this...)

The Hetzer was going on open topped.

Any comment about this strange kill?

Thank you for all the replies!



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When mired, the Hetzer cannot turn to engage, so the crew probably thought it was only a matter of time before a round penetrated, so they decided to save their lives before that happened.


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Guest ckoharik

Originally posted by Francesco:

Ok, I know that from the back it could be taken pout also by infantry weapons but from flank? Why crew left it so quicly????

One possible reason. They are in a very vulnerable piece of machinery that has become immobilized and is currently under fire from a rather large machine gun. Yup, I think I'd be getting the hell outta there myself.

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Hello Francesco!

In one QB against computer I was American and destroyed Hetzer with 0.50 cal. It was side shot from around 200 meters! No need to say how big my smile was after that...

Hetzer has side armour very thin - almost like halftracks, so no big deal for 0.50

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That's OK boys but in the units screen there is written that it has got 20mm armour at a very good degree, how can a 50. cal penetrate it without using modern uranium heavy projectiles?

Which is the exact penetration ability of HMGs??

And, another question: why the vehcile is always abandoned and never destroyed??

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I think I've read somewhere that 0.50 penetrates around 35 mm at 100 meters. Abandoned... Hm, maybe because the crew inside was too scared when dozens of 0.50 bullets began to fly around them inside their tank. Maybe the tank was still usable (its equipement), but the crew just didn't want to be there anymore. Well, who would like to be in their shoes?

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The Hetzer's MG is indeed remote-controlled.

The U.S. .50 cal was designed to destroy light armor. It can penetrate 12.7mm at 1000m, and 19mm at 550m, according to "Hell On Wheels" referencing the War Department's "Defense Against Mechanized Units". Obviously, at point-blank range, the penetration would be even greater (somewhere in the 22-25mm range, IIRC, sorry I don't have my data in front of me at the moment).

That's enough to defeat the Hetzer's 20mm side armor. And there's more...

The Hetzer has low quality armor.Very low quality. The kind that doesn't have the strength you'd expect. We rate it at 85% which is probably generous.

So the effective side armor basis of the Hetzer is 17mm, which the .50 cal can penetrate quite easily at short ranges.

And imagine what it's like. It's not a single shell penetrating. It's five, ten, maybe twenty or more. All richocheting around inside the tiny crew compartment, fragments flying everywhere. And more shots coming very quickly (no need to reload some big cannon, just squeeze the trigger!). The side of that Hetzer would look like Schweizer Käse.

The .50 cal is a big bad mama jama.


also check out this pic:


not quite a hetzer,but shows how powerful the .50 was compared to a normal mmg like the mg42



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If you've ever seen pictures of the contents of a tank after a hit from a round you'll understand why they bailed so quick, (probably worse if you've had to see it in real life, and smell it..)

From an AP round it will either smash into someone and cut them or a limb in half. It may send shrapnel around the inside of the tank at high velocity, it may hit fuel or ammo in which case you are trapped screaming inside a burning vehicle. Either way, once imobilized and with no turret there is nothing more useful the crew can do so they decide to leg-it and live

fair enough! hehe.



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