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Replay mode or Film mode

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Sorry if this has already been addressed. I couldn't find it by search, but .....

I would really like to be able to replay my entire scenarios after they are finished. Basically have one big action phase to watch the entire game. That way I can save these previous battles for later reference on tactics that worked and didn't work etc...

Is there a way to do this already? If not it would be a great new feature.

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Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions, it appears many times in search, and I was unfortunately not playing CM for several (long) months. So my question is this: Did BTS ever explain what the big deal was with making a replay available? It seems like because it's such a badly-wanted feature they'd devote some time to it.

At first I thought the issue was one of complexity. You'd basically be streaming tons of data to disk, and the graphics engine would have to be highly parameterized.

However, last night I had an interesting thought. If they used a centralized function for any random number generation, they could simply stream the series of generated random numbers to disk throughout the game, then replay those. The rest of the code should run as-is, right? The calcs aren't going to change.

Unless I miss my guess, this could be a great shortcut to "instant instant-replay" (assuming PBEM's output isn't suitable for some reason). Maybe somebody at BTS will read this, I'd be interested in hearing what they think about it.

On the other hand, I guess PBEM output is already close to being a solution, which is probably the source of the confusion in the first place...

Anyway... BTS, is there anything we're missing that makes this terribly difficult? (With requisite apologies if it's Answered Elsewhere.)

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