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Favourite WW2 Identity/Person ETC

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Just wondering who, (related to WW2- Military/Political) do you think historically stands out in this time period?

I'm just curious

Have any of you tried to bring that to CM?

Me- The few that stand out to me that are interesting is-

Air Chief Vice Marshal Mallary RAF

Air Chief Marshall Dowding RAF

Squadron Leader/Group Captain Douglas Barder RAF (Legless Ace)

Molotov Soviet Foreign Commissar

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

Thats my list? Yours? Why?

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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Field-Marshall William Slim - perhaps the best general produced by the British in WWII and I'd even hazard to suggest amongst all the allies. A truly inspirational man who never forgot his men. I know of two very good acedotes about him. Both are from the post-war period, when he was Governer-General of Australia. Having risen through the ranks, he never allowed himself any more comforts than his men and one day, when it came to reviewing a unit of Australian troops, it was pouring with rain. While all the other dignitaries sheltered under a canvas awning, which also covered the saluting dais, when the unit marched past, he was standing on the ground beside the dais, in the rain, taking the salute.

The second concerns the contraversial decision by Macarthur not to have surrendering Japanese commanders hand over their swords to their captors at the surrender ceremony. Slim refused and demanded of his Japanese counterparts, their swords. A decade later, while GG of Australia, he had them prominently on display in the front entrance of Government House. Upon the occasion of the first official visit by the Japanese PM to Australia in 1956, apparently the Japanese PM when greeted by the GG in the entrance hall refused to look at the swords. However, Slim's Aide-de-Camp noticed the PM's underlings stealing surriptious glances at the swords and exchanging grimaces. Slim knew it was important to impress on the Japanese they had lost the war and by taking those swords, in front of the surrendering Japanese, and displaying them, did so.

For the Axis - Field-Marshal Albert Kesselring - master of both air and land tactics in the Mediterrean.

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