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Public Domain Tiger Pics

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If you live near DC or are willing to travel to Virginia, have spare time, and know how to do archives research, you can look through the National Archives and Research Administration photo archives. They have whole files of German and Allied - Signal corps phots, all of which are free for use by any US Citizen (being paid for by tax dollars of course. I have about a thousand good WW2 photos from there, including a great photo of a Tiger that had just been done in by a US Sherman (which was passing it on the right).

In addition, there are like 30 other repositories with WW2 photographs taken by the US signal corps.

I should also add that a company call Corbis is collecting these images also, but it is pushing for a recopyright law that would allow private industry to homestead government made images in a similar way that logging companies can get for free or low cost trees in a national forest. Thus the font of free images may dry up in the future as they become a private resource.

Corbis, BTW, is owned by Mirosoft.

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