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Guest Tom


Hi all ,

some news on my website:

First: the mods

1.) An improved new version of Tiger´s Firefly.

2.) Mods for the M76 Jumbo and the M36/M10 TD by Mike Duplessis.

3.) A Set of new Replacement sounds (Wavepack Vol.1).

Second: Finally I re-opened the " international " pages of my website. The general appearance of the mod section was improved ( thanks to Java you can get a nice preview of each mod , by clicking on the thumbnails ).

3.) Things to come ( next week ):

1.) US divisional patches for DD´s uniform mod.

2.) The re-opening of my int. scenario pages.

3.) A small add-on for Andrew Fox´s Kuebelwagen mod.

4.) Three new Grass/terrain mods.

5.) An amazing new " Mini Campaign " series by Fred Hartig ( just finished to playtest some of these scenarios and..... I had the time of my life. Incredible thrilling stuff ! )


Thomas Klimisch

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Tom, my compliments on the VERY nice look of your vehicle mod section - definitely the sharpest lookin' presentation of mods I've seen. They look like incredibly detailed scale models on that textured white background.

Recommend anyone wanting a good look at a mod before they download to give Tom's Site a try. Beautiful, large and clear shots, and they even load fast :D

- Old Dog

Edit to fix bracket thingee...

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Good looking site. I also like the way you click on the picture to get the larger detail on white background. Really makes it stand out. Excellent idea. OK, everybody saw. You promised shoulder patches. Let us know when, ok? :D

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