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How about a CPX that I will host against a standard Red force? I am thinking a variation of a standard scenario so the Red players will need very little planning. You guys get a team together, pick a time that is OK for US guys and use ANZAC units in place of the standard Blue. Use the scenario balancer to get equivalents. How about a week from this coming Sunday, February 25th? Please respond promptly.

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Happy to help out.


Indeed I have some real (topo) maps too if you don’t want to fight on the three shades of green standard ones.

Also have some scenarios already setup with AS forces against our training OPFOR (AS atk, OPFOR delay) if that’s useful?

Maps are fairly big though (10Mb +) so may not be ideal for downloading.

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Originally posted by gibsonm:

Hey shouldn’t you be looking after your wife? smile.gif

I am, more so today (San Valentin)... :->

She has been successfully operated last Friday and is at home and fine, doing the easy house workl like sewing and cooking, I take care of the rest.

She explicitly approved, so rest assured there wont be any attacks on the net that day... :->


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We need to set and announce a time. The ANZAC players need to pick forces and a scenario (or I can), set them up and email me the saved .tac file. If needed I can call (.05 US per minute)or we can chat online or use Skype. You will need IRC client software for the CPX. It's all easier than it sounds. You might want to conspire with Mark.

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Given how all the pre-planning coordination of who has what can take some time, and also my cpx newbie status; I'm quite happy to have my units predetermined/ imposed for me. (at least for the first go!)So John feel free to dictate terms.

-just a couple of things.

I use skype, very straightforward.

But with mirc there appear to be very few servers around with which to connect from the default list.

Is there any server/ channel I can drop into to test the system?

I have tried searching around the battlefront forums for the combat mission server, but couldn't find the details...

I have played one tcp/ip tacops game and used the chat system built into the game. Seemed quite good, so why the need for mirc? Is it because ALL players can see the discussion, and can not be separated by teams?



- in reply to your email: Sunday is better than Saturday for me.

[ February 15, 2007, 05:20 PM: Message edited by: Agent Smith ]

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Sorry been away for a while (some issues with an upcoming deployment).

I’m afarid I’m not not sure of my availability for this weekend.

Given that its an intro maybe we just pick a time on Sunday and do some simple Tk Vs Tk stuff rather than trying to defend against the 3rd Gds Shock Army smashing into Bavaria whilst co-ordinating Arty and fast air.

That way people can put their toe in the water and get used to the idea (perhaps even a talk through walk through type thing) rather than having 1 min turns and having their OODA loop being overwhelmed?

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I like the way your thinking here Major G.

My time's limited, and if I get the CPX bug, I'd probably be prepared to play more and for longer.

I set up mirc to use comms.tacopshq.com. Nobody there, (obviously). So I guess I'm ready, although rusty.

Which scenario were your planning on using, I'd like to get in some training....

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No prior planning needed except to set up your IRC. Log on to IRC a half an hour early and we'll go from there. Channel #tacops. Please ensure that you have the latest version of Tacops and that you know how to configure your firewall. If you want email me 2200Z Wednesday and we can check your firewall then. It should only take a minute or two. You need to have port 7023 open.

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