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Help with TF Hurley

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Does anyone have any stategy they can offer for Task Force Hurley? I've tried and tried, but I can't beat it. I can secure the city, and defend against counter-attack, but I can not exit the map, I just continuously get ambushed, and my units get torn to shreds. I can't even seem to get recon units into position. Any suggestions?

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I played it a quicky first time ever today with 65% exit taking out 96% of OPFOR.

Replays here: http://www.eventfoto.com/privat/mil/dls/autos_hurley.zip

I think key is having good javelin overwatch, once the town is taken then smoke, and air recon (you got plenty) to find the ambushes (if any). NOTE: air recon doesnt see anything in smoke (ran in an ambush because of that).

From Game Status you have a good idea what the oppnent has left and can plan accordingly.


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Bypass the bridge. You only have to clear the town and get off the map. Clearing the infantry around the bridge can take forever.

Also take the stingers and mortars with you as you advance. They add significant points to the exit force if you keep inching them forward as the battle progresses. As long as you keep them more than 2000m away from known/suspected enemy positions they can be out in the open behind your line units.

Hope that helps.

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