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Poll: Where do your TacOps interests lie?


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MULTIPLE ANSWERS WELCOME ! (Options see below, simply post a list of letters that you would answer with "YES")

Please answer even if you have answered in other forums (posting same poll over various forums/lists):

I have been going over the threads over the last 3 yrs and think this one has not been polled.

Reason for the question is that I have no idea really how many people here are interested in CPXing and if so what might be their reasons for not trying, also to establish an overall momentary view of the TacOps crowd in this forum.

Thanks for participating,



POLL QUESTION: How Do You (prefer to) Use TacOps?


A) I am only interested in solitaire play vs AI

B) I play solitaire occasionally but prefer playing humans

C) Versus humans I only play PBEM

D) I would love to play PBEM but dont know how to do so

E) I play net games versus 1 opponent frequently

F) I would love to play net games versus 1 opponent but dont know how to

G) I love CPX multiplayer games

H) I have participated in CPX multiplayer games before

J) I would love to play CPX multiplayer but dont know how to do so

K) I would like to play CPX multiplayer but am afraid I would get whacked by the veterans

L) I would like to play CPX multiplayer but dont know how-to IRC

M) I would like to play CPX multiplayer but they seem to be at inconvinient times always

N) I would like to play CPX multiplayer but the pre-game planning keeps me off

O) I would like to see more multiplayer CPXes

P) I play anything that comes up

Q) I would like to participate in a MBX (mail driven CPX)

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Biggest problem I have to playing cpx's is time zone. The last one started 2am Eastern Australia Time. I play a rare tcp/ip with others, but my games are for the most part solitaire.

Hence looking forward to the V5 scenario editor.

Although taking a solitary position, I thoroughly enjoy the nxport mail thread, allows me to listen in on the active members.

Answers: A, J, K, M, N, O possibly Q.



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SigzLV596 , the TacOps coumminty (probably due to its rather high medium age) is a rather helpful one from newbie POV. I well remember the length my then commanders and team mates went to get me up to speed in my first ever CPX (many of them still around, it was 1997 and the CPXes went by IRC only as mltiplayer hadnt been introduced, AAR: http://www.tacopshq.com/HQ/text/CPX/cpxaars/rtcpx3.txt , I ran just three recon platoons) and the way I was helped through the learning curve´s steepness.

I can assure you that being unexperienced does not exlude you from and capacitates you nevertheless as a full CPX team member, your commander will take care of not over-tasking you and find a slot where you can get used to stuff.

Also, there are CPXes run off and on especially for new players, like the one announced for saturday (see thread) by John Monahan.

Here something I wrote on another forum recently:

While you might get whacked a few times, the more you get into PBEM the more you will understand about tactics and how to employ them, even later under time pressure in a CPX or in much detailed MBXes (yes, Brunei was an MBS, also "Global Thunder", memorial at Untitled Document the later went for 4 total years... and was the biggest fun I ever had in wargaming)

Personally I have found there are a few "general" developments every player goes through:

- First you get good at playing the AI (if you win Frolic 8 w/o OPFOR crossing the central valley every time you have learned all there is to learn from playing the AI)

- Then you go playing humans, usually PBEM, and you start making the best out of the game engine (there are a few tricks that - w/o technically cheating - give you an advantage over less experienced players)

- Next you find it boring to win because of game engine exploits and come back to what TacOps was made for: Platoon marker strength driven fun and slug it out like that focussing on tactics and everything you can read up...

- Next stage still is CPXing where time pressure and being organized play key roles in battle success

- Last, and probably the highest level is MBXing where you just give orders in written form and react to all the incoming stuff like a real armchair general/admiral going through your mail every day.

A bit like what they say about chess: You start out playing your friends with an urge to win and to see who is better (chess as a sport), next stage is the analytical one where you start learning and try to know all the openings, closings, midgames, tricks, etc. (chess as science) and last you understand the beauty of single games that have been a collaborative work *with* your opponent playing against him (chess as art)

Also Coyote commented along the same line in the other forum:

A word to any lurkers who have not yet taken the plunge - you get cocky after learning to pound the AI without breaking a sweat and it can be a bit of a shock the first time you play against a decent human. Everybody goes through it, it's just a matter of getting your feet wet. Nothing will teach you good tactics faster than getting clobbered and studying the replays of how it was done.

HAVE FUN [that's an order!]


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Originally posted by Agent Smith:


Biggest problem I have to playing cpx's is time zone. The last one started 2am Eastern Australia Time.

Okies, I promise: Soon in the future I will get up 0400L and run an aussie/indonesian/newzealand timed CPX... (should be about 1000 there I guess, 0300 GMT) :->


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