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Tech AAR crossloading


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We had a multiplayer test game (5 players on 2 force colors, 5 total force colors, + umpire) that tested crossloading of PINs and force colors, no netprobs from my side as host (though Alex Ingles got discopnnced a few time due to time out with timeout set to 60 secs but always could rejoin w/o probs)

We crossloaded PINs (5 PINs) up 1 level (i.e. nothing that had something loaded was loaded elsewhere), we had different PINs loaded into other PIN units, no problems at all as far as I could tell.

Force crossloading did not work, so in the midlle of the game we even

changed some PINs force colors (by exporting and deleting original

units, chaning force color in Excel and improting new force color

again) and loaded to other PINs, no problems as far as I can tell.

Only thingy that called my attention is that I have to save the

changed exported OOB from excel as tab-delimited text, but with .xls

suffix, else TacOps cannot rcognize the file.

In summary, with a lot of (admittedly unusual and even strange) umpire inputs and many things that were questionable we had no probs at all.

I consider the crossloading prob (for 1 level) fixed (which is what we suspected), we will soon hard test 2 level crossloading.


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