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Running CM as a server

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I am playing more then ever now with the TCP/IP patch and truly enjoy this game. I can see occations where PBEM could be the preferedway to play (large scenarios, different timezones, during workdays when you have lot of real life obligations). Now I for one think the current PBEM format with alot of mails going back and forth is pain compared to the simulatanous order giving available when you play TCP/IP.

Now my feature request (BTS, put it wherever you want in your pile, I am sure you can better prioritize this then I) is the ability to run CM in a server mode. In the server-mode CM just calculate battle results. Basically run on the commandline something like this:

cmbo.exe -in1 bjering.orders -in2 opponent.orders -out1 bjering.report -out2 opponent.out

Where the .out files contain the outcome of the battle so that the movie can be shown to both players. The .orders files contain the orders the players have for this turn.

Now I don't know how CM code looks and if this would fit its model, but something similiar to this should match fairly well I guess.

This would make it possible to have third party hosts so that also PBEM could be played with both player simultaniosly giving orders. (or even without a third party host should you trust your opponent).

http://library.southern.edu/stars/stars.htm is a superb example of how such a third party service could look. It is for a multiplayer sci-fi strategy game called Stars!

I hope it is clear from this post what this could do for PBEM. If it isn't please tell me and I'll try to elaborate.

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