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New request for special Spoiler Forum

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This request, or one very similiar to it, has been made in the past. But I will restate it again. As CM will be mailed to people who are eagerly awaiting its arrival all over the world, and some people will get it before some other people (perhaps even a few WEEKS before some other people ie, Australia) and then those people will naturally want to start writing and talking about the NEW "unspoiled" scenarios,.....

Can we please have a special sub section of the forum set up for a place to chat about the NEW scenarios a where the WHOLE conference or forum could just have ALL the new scenario spoiler info in it?

Call it CM gold spoiler Scenarios or something?

Again, I hope all participants here can appreciate that not everyone will get the game at the same time and you can be SURE we all want to see it in our mail box like yesterday!

So please continue to post your *** SPOILER **info ** warnings for the new folks as this game is REALLY best played double blind when the NEW scenarios arrive.

Please, Steve and BTS can you set up a special area to chat just about all of the NEW unspoiled scenarios and leave this current section of the Forum for non-spolier posts about the game in general.


-tom w

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