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Quick-Battle Suggestions

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I very much enjoy the Quick-Battle feature, and I think that it is the key to the long-term re-playability of this game (much more so than TCP/IP). There is a problem, however. The 1,000 point limit is too low. The defender cannot even get a full rifle company with two main battle tanks! This limits the solo-player to only small, “quick” battles. I would VERY much like to see the limit increased to 2,000 points.

The force mix is another issue that I would like to see addressed. Last night I played a 1,000 point quick battle as the Allies (attacking). I chose two M4A3E2(76mm) Jumbos, along with the usual assortment of combined-arms units. The computer chose only motorized infantry and two infantry guns. While I do enjoy popping halftracks, it wasn’t much of a challenge. My suggestion would be one of the following: either improve the computer’s selection technique, or add a few more unit categories such as anti-tank, heavy infantry, etc. to force the computer to select AT LEAST one tank or tank-destroyer.

I have been playing the game like there was no tomorrow since I received it on June 19th, and these are my only complaints so far. The game is stable, the play is balanced, the units are accurately modeled, and the AI is pretty good. I have a 333 MHz cpu with 192 MB SDRAM and a TNT2 video card and play with all options on. The only slow down that I have noticed was when playing the 2nd map of the Villers-Bocage operation. Nevertheless, this may be the game that prompts me to invest in a new computer. Can’t wait for CM2!

R Man

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