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Problems with Ops...bugs?

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Ok, we've been testing a few Ops here recently (ones that shipped with the game, and a few home grown ones) and as of 1.03, I think some form of bug has crept into the 'start line' determination. The '0m' setting doesnt work at all anymore, and seems to default to 400m now, regardless of the saved setting.

I have set up a test OP to see where the battle lines will be drawn, and obtained some VERY odd results. The defender is pushed back in far too many cases. The 'map creep' is by far the most valid strategy it would seem and runs contrary to the 'spirit' of the Ops.

BTS, please look at the coding changes in the Ops for 1.03. Its certainly worse than 1.01/1.02 where the 0m setting appeared to be working fine.



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