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Troop quality. Stupid question?

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Hello out there.

Maybe another "Newbie" stupid question, but I feel I need to ask.

Why are you limited within 1 or 2 grades when purchasing troop quality?

Espcially during the later portion of the war, was it normal to have 30 or 40 guys in the same unit all being high speed vets? I would think there could be a mix of Green troops put into units with veterans to help them along.

Just needed to ask.

BTW, I have yet to be assimilated, and am eagerly awaiting it.

Thanks for a GREAT game and support.

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P. 78 in the manual -

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Regular

Properly trained, have likely seen combat, though not extensively. Some German units with a mix of seasoned veterans (often from the Russian front) and fresh replacements (the typical way the Germans refitted units in Europe) can also be considered regular. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Italics added.

Seems a pretty good abstraction to me.


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Hello again,

Chupacabra, I can see your post about people in a squad. My view is I would like to perhaps take Green Volkstrum units, supported by a veteran MG, and maybe a coule of Elite tanks.

IntelWeenie, Thanks. I have not tried to create a scenario. I am just running QBs.

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Having the full range makes it much more gamey.

e.g. You could cover your front with cheap concript Volkstrum with Elite snipers and MGs in certain positions, one Crack SturmKompanie for a counterstrike and mix the rest of your line with Regular and Veteran troops.

It would be fun but you'd be min-maxing and there would be little in the way of realism.


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Elijah Meeks, I disagree. In fact, when purchasing Elite troops, I find it more Un-realistic that all of my german tank commanders in March 45 are Vet, crack or elite status.

It would seem to me there would be MORE instances of mixed troops, here, then at any other time. Ranging from Conscript infantry to perhaps 1 or 2 good squads of troops, or even a elite TC.

Perhaps I am ranting a bit. It really is not all that important.

Besides, if you know anything about how I purchase troops, or play games, I am anything but gamey.

Smelly to some perhaps, but definitely not Gamey.

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I think it makes sense to restrict you. Otherwise you'd have a mix of Elite and Green troops ALL the time. You'd end up always picking Elite tanks, for example, with a low-quality infantry screen. The bracketing makes for greater variation between battles.

It's not the case that, when you go for high-quality troops, you're forced to choose all Elites. You have a choice of Veterans, Crack or Elite, so you can still mix - but it's generally high-quality.



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I completely agree with Kollos and Von Brizee here. It's an imposed artificial restriction that is not neccessary.

hear me: It is the same thing as with the troop type / branch odf service. It isn't very realistic to have french fighting together with british airborne and american and polish forces in one battle. Still, the option is there.

OTOH, it was more often than not, especially in the closing days of ww2, that german ad-hoc Kampfgruppen or local groups were made up of whatever was around, conscripted, Volkssturm, and crack ss soldiers.

and now for the wise rodent who will maintain that service branch can be restricted in the QB setup, I say feck off because I am asking for exactly the same thing for troop quality, have an option NO RESTRICTION _besides_ the options we already have. If anybody feels uncomfortable with it, why this should be so is beyond me, but maybe that person was traumatized when he was bullied at elementary by bullys of varying quality from green to crack, well if anybody is uncomfortable with it, I say feck off and choose the restriction as you already do now.


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Guest Michael emrys

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Von Brizee:

If someone puts up a green inf screen for their tank then I will take it down quickly.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Don't be too sure of that. I recently played a QB where the computer bought a *lot* of conscript troops to oppose my force of veteran paratroops. Sure they broke and ran if I got very close to them, but there were so many of them that they managed to shoot up my troops pretty badly in the process of closing with them. An MG42 is pretty deadly even in the hands of poor troops.


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I'd buy the cheapest guys u can get down to "regular"...i had 3 "crack" tiger drivers today get killed by 3 regular fireflies...they all missed and ploded where-as the regular grade allies all killed in one shot...waste of alotta points frown.gif I think investing those points into another tank is much better...in our example, having 4 tanks shooting 3 allies kinda increases ur firepower 25%

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Aitken:

You'd end up always picking Elite tanks, for example, with a low-quality infantry screen.



If I use points for high quality troops it is for infantry, not tanks. I haven't noticed alot of difference between Regular and Veteran armor, but there seems to be a big difference betweeen regular and veteran infantry. In general I like to use mostly regular troops with a couple of platoons of veterans thrown in to take out hard points. Quite often more really is better.

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  • 1 month later...

I sent an e-mail directly to BTS ( 1 month ago) asking them to change this etc but i got no reply.

I wanted the option to choose whatever kind of experience level i wanted.

Its not that hard to patch.

The thing is if someone wants to make heaps of cheap troops that will die rather quickly; whilist having elite snipers etc cover them go for it. I'd still have vets mostly, its up to the individual to choose what he wants.

Also comes down to tactical use of them, so what if u have elite guys, u will get less for your money and they can die just as quick.

And i agree with the idea too that its unrealistic having certain nationalities fighting with one another. But hey its a tactical option.

Personally i was thinking as well maybe a new option added where (IF U WANTED) if u choose German SS units thats all u can get; SS units. Not army units or faljager etc.

American and not Polish rah rah

There is a lot of mixing.

Maybe there should be a limit to the mixing.

Maybe Fionns 76 rule should have included fionns 2 nationalalities types rule.

No more trhan 2 mixed nationalities. hehe

Well that my two cents worth

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I think most postings in this thread has been relevant, and for QBs it might lead to gamey tactics to have all free experience.

As for (German) tanks and tank destroyers, that in the game aren't that much better with higher troop quality, I'd like to do the following notation:

Germany had a habit of looking for the best tankers in the divisions and assign them to special (read heavy) units.

In CM this would mean that average crew quality should be;

Regular for PzKwIV.

Veteran for PzKwV (Panther), JagdpanzerIV/70, 88mm towed ATGs.

Crack for PzKwVI (Tiger, KT), Jagdpanther, Jagdtiger.

- with some odd vehicle rated one level up or down. It's more probable to find a veteran PzKwIV (natural talent that hasn't been promoted) than a veteran Tiger.

I don't know where to rate StuG, Marder and Nashorn in this.



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