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OT: tank buster sim?

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After seeing the aftermath of another great CM battle (dozens of burning hulks gloriously aflame at a crossroads) I had a sudden vision of being a tank busting pilot flying low over pasture and lighting up a formation of tanks with cannon and rocketfire. Does anyone know if there is a good ground attack WWII based sim out there? Of course I loved EAW but could do with somethingthat concentrated just on tank busting / close air support. With today's graphics you can certainly get a pretty picture (explosions, tracer fire, smoke, nice tank modelling, terrain).

By the way, in my travels I found an AWESOME picture of a Stuka with two huge cannons in racks under each wing. It looks so impressive. I know it flew like a pig and was swept from the skies by fighters but I can think of nothing more menacing in appearance.

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Guest Heinz 25th PzReg

Hi there

There is a game called IL-2 Sturmovik due to come out early next year, and it will be published by Bluebyte. Its a flight sim where you can fly different WW2 eastern front aircraft.

Take a look here: http://il2.sim-arena.com/

And here:'




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