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How many squads in a house?

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In CE I try to get control of the middle houses when playing as the Amis, but sometimes 2 squads do strange footwork in the same building. Typically, one moves and the other seems to be trying to get out of the way by walking into open ground only to draw painful fire. Then they switch roles. But the net effect is that I can't control the situation as they're cut to ribbons.

How do I avoid this? Never use more than 1 squad in a house?


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Guest Ol' Blood & Guts

Actually, I think it's like two (full) squads in a house and maybe the HQ. The third squad of the platoon is the one that will usually stray outside. At least that is the way it was in the Beta Demo. I haven't really tested it in the Gold Demo. wink.gif


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