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*New* Canyon Escape Scenario

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This is probably my most brutal map yet. (I know, I've only made three other scenarios but this one I'm pretty proud of). I tested playing the German side tonight and am eager to have it tested by others.

Basically it's Afganistan but the Germans = Soviets / French = Mujahadeen. I built this map to see how much of a contrast I could get with the elevations using the map builder. I am most pleased.

Download here: http://www3.telus.net/pop_n_fresh/combatmiss/index.htm

Description below:

Type: German escape through a twisting canyon harried by French.

Short Description

Canyon Escape is a harrowing pursuit through a twisting mountain gorge as Free French irregulars seek to stop a German column from successfully escaping a canyon of death. The Germans are trying to lead an organized retreat hidden in the shadows of the mountains from Allied bombing. However, partisans have tipped their Free French cousins that the convoy of Wehrmacht armour and troops are trying to sneak through. Now the stage is set for an ambush from the heights.

The Germans must fight their way through a steep gorge lined on all sides by trees and brush. Their way is a meandering thin mountain road where every turn might reveal a sniper, commandos or worse, a bazooka team. The French on the other side are scattered but can pick and choose their traps, defilades and roadblocks. There are twists and turns and imposing elevations from which the French can pop up and shoot. For the Germans, there are few resting spots and only one way to go.

Basic order of battle

The remnants of the Wehrmacht are still a force to be reckoned with, if only the defender would show himself. The Germans have tanks, trucks and lots of infantry who would only love to ride this one out. The French are by comparison lightly armed, with their squads of commandos only backed up by bazookas, mortars and some divisional artillery.


The German commander must get as many of his forces out of this hellhole as possible within the time given. Given the advantages of terrain, the French can win on the casualties they inflict on the targets below.


50 moves.

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