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Flamethrower graphic prob/bug?

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I just got off a PBM which takes place at night really mad.

The reason being a German flamethrower guy fired at me unit at close range 2 times in a turn and also he shot at me again the next turn. And guess what i saw nothing no flame nothing. This happened both turns.

I had a tank watching him as well.

I can see he is a flamethrower by his actual graphic model now but still cant see his flame.

So are they shooting invisible flame now?

I use flamethrowers myself and i can always see em firing. So its not me graphics card.

And if i hear that u cant see flame at night, umm thats just a bit stupid.

As a result i ran another group towards em thinking it was normal squad hehe and now they are toast too.

This bug has screwed me up.

Any ideas? Happened to anyone else?

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Never seen it myself. Maybe they were mis-identified, and the unit wasn't really a flamethrower unit even though it looked like one?

Night missions make identification harder, and the guesses get worse usually.

I'm personally always getting "Crew?" guesses for some reason, and they usually turn out to be MG units, or mortars, etc. Sometimes even full squads.

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Nah i heard em firing, the same sound as a flame thrower but i couldnt see anything. This happeened over both turns hearing but not seeing a flame attack.

Also the 3rd time it fired i saw the flame thrower his actual figure ie with backpack etc but no flame. Weird.

Its not a mis identifcation.

Hehe me guys routed very fast typical of a flame attack.

Its a flame unit all right!!!

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This is just Fog Of War. Enemy units are usually misidentified at first, especially at night. You very often hear firing but don't see it. What you see may seem strange, but don't take it all at face value - battlefields are confusing. Exercise caution.



They lost all of their equipment and had to swim in under machine gun fire. As they struggled in the water, Gardner heard somebody say, "Perhaps we're intruding, this seems to be a private beach."

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