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Who Did MDMP2's High-Res AFVs?

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Kwazydog? Well, whoever it was let me say those mods are BEAUTIFUL; man, the wheels on that Tiger and Jagdtiger are about as 3-d looking as they could possibly be without modeling them invidually, and the pixellation throughout the new bmps is nonexistant. I also love the Jagdtiger's camo scheme... but the main point of this post is that guys, these 2 vehicles look GOOD; if the rest of the game's graphics were equally well-done, (I'm not asking for it, noone bite me please) the graphics actually *would* be up to par with the latest in FPS or RTS. I'm sure everyone will be shocked by what BTS will be capable of turning CM into in the 2nd or 3rd installment with tomorrow's machines to work with. wink.gif

(personal note to the creator of the mods for the Tiger and Jagdtiger, you rule! smile.gif )

*edit* Not meant to sleight any of the other people who have worked hard to improve CMBO thru mods; these 2 AFVs in particular just struck me. They're certainly not the only mods it's my pleasure to have on my machine. wink.gif

Ataru ^_^

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I have to hand it Mad Matt, Kwazydog and company!!! Both MDMP mods have been works of art. We all do appreciate it, BIG TIME!!!



"The Lieutenant brought his map out and the old woman pointed to the coastal town of Ravenoville........"

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Guest KwazyDog

Thanks Guys...

Atura, hehe, I actually worked on a good deal of the origional textures and models in CM along with Steve. The main reason why the textures in the latest mod pack arent pixelated is that they are higher res than the origional. We couldnt do this for all vehicles in CM1 becuase of VRAM limitations, but hopefully for CM2 there will be a little more freedom there.....

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He kwazydog i would like to take this opportunity to give and the other guys a well hearted pat on the back and some mumbled words o appreciation.

The amount of detail on the vehicle and uniform textures is just amazing. I spent a half hour just looking at them during a setup and generally feeling warm and fuzzy inside smile.gif.

Especcialy the tiger (both versions) and the M3's are just pieces of art.

Grtz s bakker.

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Hi-Res Mods and your System.

Kinda curious what the systesm are used in the CM community that can handles things like MDMP-2.

I recently replaced my MatroxG200/VooDoo2 combo with a Guillemont TNT2 Ultra Xentor 32.

I have a Pentium II-350 on an Asus P2B MB with 64MB PC-100 SDRAM.

The H-Res Mods and my greatly expanded graphics capability (and I mean a BIG change) has made CM nearly photo-realistic at times. I will install MDMP2 tonight, that oughta improve it more. I get no skipping, but an occasional pause. I run at the highest settings and a screen resolution of 1024X768.

I have but one graphics problem, and that only occurs when I minimize CM and come back in big battles, the graphics are gone and my mouse cursor is a green grass square. I am forced to reboot to restore my graphics.

It is soley a user issue, as I run CM with IE and Email, ZoneAlarm and miscellany running as well. Nothing goes wrong as long as I do not minimalize my CM app.

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So, KwazyDog did the MDMP-2 textures?

Does this mean that Tigers textures are NOT part of MDMP-2?

Damn, now I have to choose between them...

Anyway, they all look outstanding.

But, since I am a CM player, I cannot, of course, remain satisfied.

I understand the propensity to do the "sexy" vehicles first, but will be seeing high-res versions of the other vehicles in MDMP-3+?

Jeff Heidman

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Guest Madmatt

Kwazydog did the lions share for MDMP-2 but please understand that MDMP's are a TEAM effort and all of us help to improve each others work with suggestions and in some cases actual tweaks to the textures.

Kwazydog, Bil Hardenberger and myself were all contributing artists to Combat Mission and the MDMP's.


p.s. A full list of the MDMP Design team is in the included documentation. Currently Tiger (johnS) is not a member of the team and that is why his textures are located in the 3rd Party Mod section.


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Combat Mission HQ

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