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I feel like a FNG all over again

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Yeah, there hasn't been any discussions that haven't been discussed a gazillion times before with us prior to the release. It's funny, I come here and I don't recognize hadly anybody, let alone most topic starters. Business really picked up after the Gold Demo v1.2 release.

I've only come to this board when I'm utterly bored. I spent most of my time making winter textures for the German stuff and all the infantry uniforms.

The patches mainly did a lot of AI tweaks. But the biggest change was the increased lethality of incoming fire when troops are out in the open. You can't charge across the open anymore without getting mowed down. SUPRESS, SUPRESS, SUPRESS!!


Be sure and check out my texture mods on CMHQ.

Dave "Ol' Blood & Maximus Butticus" Molinarolo

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