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Old player finds his way home again


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Hello all. My history playing Tacops goes all the way back to the first version on the Mac. I stopped playing Tacops about 3 years ago, but thought I would see what was happening with it.

The reason I gave up playing Tacops had a lot to do with being tired of playing modern scenarios on the same old maps over and over again. I see here that we can make our own maps now and there are WWII units. Can it be true?

I remember seeing the Majors beginning of a WWII game, Panzer 88?, and wishing for a WWII Tacops. So is Tacops with WWII units really here? Are lots of people playing it?

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Much as I would like to separate you again from a bit of money, the WW2 mod is in its early stages. Think of it as a sort of cross between a rolling upgrade and an experiment.

About the only use right now for the WWII items is for two player or CPX gaming using scenarios (without AI) created by the players themselves. Still ... early joiners will get a chance to influence where it goes.

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Great to see WWII covered.

I would like to reinforce the above comments. As a WWII platoon game TacOps has huge potential. There has been a gap in the market for platoon games for a while. In cardboard they were very popular back in the mists of time ;) .

The ability to make your own maps and play WWII games has also brought me back to the fold.

How much of WWII can currently be modelled? The WWII mods seem to cover just up to late ’42… is that correct or can one model ’44 battles also?

All the best,


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There are only couple of '44 items. I put them in mainly because I had the item fully researched before noticing its IOC date.

The v406AD mod went deeper into 43, especially for USMC vs pacific islands.

There is an Excel file at the followign URL which shows the WWII items added as of v406AD and their IOC dates.


Look for the file named "WW2UnitTypes051028.xls".

This update brings us to 184 WW2 unit types and a bit deeper into 1943.

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To Kip and other.

How many of us remember the old AH boardgame Panzerblitz? Or Panzer44, the western front Panzerblitz.

I hate to say it but modern games like Tacops are not nearly as interesting, for lots of us, as WWII and WWI games would be.

Oh to you the Tacop engine and pay money to the Major for Panzerblitz/Tacops.

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