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Cool effect and a few questions.

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I was playing a quick battle tonight and something happened that I just had to share. I was attacking a town as a German Mech company. I had flanked myself quite nicely into the town and I wanted to bring up my 250/1 (small German halftrack w/MG) to put some fire on a 30 cal crew in a building. Well, the halftrack was on a road heading for a T-junction hauling butt into town (buildings everywhere). I heard the sound of a .50 cal and, unfortunately, the halftrack got nailed. Now for the cool part. It was going so fast that it rolled straight ahead and never made the turn at the T-intersection! It slammed into a building and came to a quick stop! Damm that was so cool to watch!

Just two questions.....really one question and an observation.

1. In the 1.01 patch readme it says that we can run prisoners. I captured about 15 various prisioners in this game and I could not run them at all. I just walked (moved) them to a building in the rear with a guard (crew). Anyone else have luck?

2. I noticed that when a halftrack gunner gets hit you can still see two men inside the halftrack although really you only have one (cant use the MG). This bothered me until I realized that there are still two men in the halftrack.....one is just wounded or killed. Cool!

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Yes, the inertia is quite cool...

UNTIL you have a Zug of PzIV's fast advancing in a wedge, in tight quarters, with a planned right turn, and the rightmost PzIV gets taken out, rolls into the leader (who was busy making his turn), and generally screws the movement for the remainder of the turn for the other 3 tanks.


Lesson learned: Always count on the worst possible outcome of a "If I can just time this right..." manuver.

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