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Twas the Night of Delivery

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I dont' know about you guys, but when CM finally shows up ... it'll be like ... Christmas.

Twas the Night of Delivery

by Joe Shaw

‘Twas the night of delivery,

and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

‘cept his trusty mouse.

His wife had departed,

with a steely cold glare,

Said she’d be at her mother's,

like he’d really care.

The game had arrived,

via afternoon mail,

He tore up the wrapping,

with tooth and with nail.

He lunged to computer,

popped in the disc,

And started installing,

with a flick of the wrist.

Now ten hours later,

‘twas awfully late,

But he hadn’t determined,

that damned Stuart’s fate.

He had twelve games in email,

three ICQ,

A scenario brewing,

he called “M4 Et Tu.”

The manual was read,

by monitor’s glare,

To miss out on the action,

he just couldn’t dare.

And as he perused,

the wisdom writ there,

He mumbled and babbled,

gripped by software.

“On Panther, on Tiger,

on Sturmgeshutz III,

On Puma, On Hetzer,

and Panzer VI Ausf. B,

Panzerfausts, Mausers

and MG42,

Surely will save me,

from this terrible stew.”

His ISP chimed,

his email he clicked,

A turn there from Iggi,

the guy was a dick.

He fired up the program,

and ran through the turn,

OH NO, yet another,

of his Panzers did burn.

His eyes welled with tears,

his sobs choked his chest,

Despite all his faults,

Iggi’s luck was the best.

But wait, ‘twas a chance,

and he took it with glee,

His airstrikes surely,

would make Iggi flee.

And so through the night,

he plotted away,

In the hands of BTS,

he was nought but clay.

Stephen, and Charles,

with unbridled ambition,

Created this evil,

called ... Combat Mission.

Merry Christmas smile.gif


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Well Joe Shaw, I'll give credit where credit is due. wink.gif That was pretty good. smile.gif

BTW, that is how I operate. I'll give credit where it's due, but I will also tell you if you suck, when you do. tongue.gif


"The greatest risk...is not taking one."

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ROTFL!! smile.gif

Good work Joe!


"If they are waiting for me to make the first move then I'll trick them and make my second move first."

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Boffo, Joe.

*Peng turns green with envy*

Great poem

*Peng fights back the urge to plagerize*

Really great

*Peng begins composing epic poem 'The Ride of the Light CM'*

Very witty

*Peng scraps 'Ride'*

Very witty indeed

*Peng crawls back into his little dark place*

Well done.



Peng sez "die a lot now."

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That was great.........unfortunately I got carried away and read it to my girlfriend not only did she not get it, but then I had to explain that there was a full version game coming with many more oppurtunities for me to be at the computer......

In the end she shook her head and said something that I can not type.

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