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Type1 Maps Are Kaput

MajorH TacOps Developer

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>When I installed 4.0.6 I was able to open type 2 maps but not type 1.

As of v406, TacOps4 no longer supports the original Type1 format maps. Type2 replacements for

Maps 1 through 16 were included in the patch.

The original Type1 maps consisted of a single file containing both art and data. Type1 maps had to be compiled on my development system and thus could only be created by myself. Type1 maps were also not cross platform.

Type2 maps appeared when I released the TacOps map utilty. They consist of two files, a data file ending in ".dat" and an art file ending in ".bmp". Type2 maps can created and edited by users via the TacOps map utilty and Type2 maps are cross platform.

Over the years all of the 36 or so Type1 maps except for Maps 1 through 16 were converted to Type2 format and they gradually replaced their Type1 counterparts as other changes caused me to need to make new master CDs.

This seemed like a good time to get rid of the last fifteen Type1 maps (there was never a Map 13).

If you have one of the old Type1 maps but missed out on picking up a Type2 version you can download it from the following URL.


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