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CPX Saturday, OCT 8th


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I will be hosting a CPX on Saturday, OCT 8th, 1600 GMT.

This is the second go for this one, I figure Saturday is better for players and hope for response...

CPX Features missions on map 260, can accomodate 3 players + CO per side. Newbies and veterans can play alike (though its designed especially newbie-friendly), fairly simple format, but the commanders should have some experience.

Lots of bangs granted, time frame about 60 turns.

First thing I would need is a BLUE CO, as he needs to give input that will influence the setup/start position.

Any takers report in here.


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Recruiting for CPX FRIDAY 8th is closed, here is what we have (observers/reserves still welcome):

1. BLUE team (PINS 1-10)

Chaim Krause, CO

Peleg Wasserman

Martin Cracauer

Paul Csokay


2. RED team (PINS 11-20)

John Osborne, CO

Ralf Pichocki

Bernard Cousin

Jeff Gilbert

Valentin Dumitriuc (rather new to TacOps)

One more player, Henk Stoffers, is not sure whether he can participate, so he is the reserve and will be exlded from orders and planning to keep him potentially fit to join either side.

Orders will go out until Wednesday latest, here what you have to do:

- Add your team colleagues to your email

- DL and install latest patch (AA currently) @ http://www.tacops.us/support/

- standby for orders and particiapate in planning...

- COs let me know who takes what UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT GMT

BTW, due to a new job assignement will have to shift STARTEX one hour to 1700 GMT, hope thats ok for everybody.

Kind regards,

Rattler (aka Matt Ohlmer)

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IRC channels for CPX:

MAIN: server schlepper.hanse.de, port 7024, channel #tacops. Should this one be down, then

ALTERNATIVE: server www.combatmission.com, port 6667, channel #tacops

Please all players be online 1630 GMT, STARTEX 1700 GMT

ATTENTION OBSERVERS: If you want to be copied into one or the two teams brieifngs and intra-teams comms in the planning stage, let me know to my email "rattler AT eventfoto.com", (read the AT as "@", just trying to avoid still more spam)

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