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India/Pakistan: Love or War?

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You are a very knowledgeable group of wargamers. The discussions/information on this site has been great.

Since events between India/Pakistan have been in the news recently, and since they are both nuclear armed, I thought I'd post this topic to get a discussion going regarding your thoughts about:

1) the possiblity of another war

2) whether it would go nuclear

3) weapons and strategic capabilities of both sides

4) influence, if any, that third parties might have in helping cool tensions

5) whether any third parties have anything to gain from this dispute

As you probably know The Operational Art of War II has a scenario based on an India/Pakistan War. So I think I'll game it and see what happens.

Thanks, I'll look forward to all of your views.


"A Sherman can give you a definite edge" - Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes

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Guest Ol' Blood & Guts

I think we should let those little brown bastards blow each other away.

Nah, just kiddin'. wink.gif But hell, those two nations have been at each othere for sometime about a border dispute, I believe, if memory serves.

But I think the situation should be closely watched.

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Guest Big Time Software

Eh... sorry to say that I am going to close this one down for being too off topic. I let the China one stay up but really should have closed that one off too (I was off line when it started smile.gif).

Trying to keep things marginally on topic, no offense at all intended.


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