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Beat-up, field worn tank MODS

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I once brought this subject up in a thread where it didn't really belong. I did not get any responses but I guess I should be greatful I didn't get flamed. Anyway....I loved that MOD of the beat-up Panther A, as well as the dirty/dusty allied MOD. What about some MODS that show more damage to AFV's? Bent or torn fenders, damaged or incorrectly stowed OEM, splattered signatures of molten metal, missing roadwheels, holed side armor skirts.....etc. Any chance of that stuff being available in the future? Seems to me that could add even more realism to an already very realistic game.


"Then we shall fight in the shade." (Greek general's comment upon being told that the Persian archers could blot-out the sun with their arrows.)

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