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Computer vs. Computer

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Guest Big Time Software

You will be forced to view the batle from one particular side at a time, but can switch at any moment to the other.


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I was just searching on the user name "Big Time Software" -- a good way to hit everything the programmers had to say along the way -- and came across this thread.

One thing I'd *REALLY* like to see is a tweak to CM to let it run as a screen saver. Think about it... throw in a little bit of code to let the camera wander around, and have the computer play itself over and over.

I've often wondered why more games didn't use their "demo" modes or AI vs. AI as screen savers.

One for the wish-lists...

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Guest Madmatt

Its not listed since it can't be done. Look at the original date of this post. I am guessing this idea was toyed with early on then discarded for various reasons.

I would also warn to others that want to add to this old thread to SEARCH before they pipe in and ask for the following:

>AI resuming a battle for human player

>AI playing with a portion of humans forces

Both of these ideas were mentioned and determined to NOT be planned (or worth implementing) by BTS.



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...And then revamp the AI with some neural net weighting and use screen saver mode to train itself... by the time you get home from work, you'll be facing Rommel himself... smile.gif

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Hacking the forum??? You mean like, doing a "Search" for "Big Time Software" so I could see what some of the developers had to say?

Geez, give me a break. I came across this old thing and found it interesting. So I'm a late-comer to CM. Shoot me. rolleyes.gif

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Oh. Sorry. Since I was the one who pushed it up, I assumed... well... nevermind. smile.gif

Now that you mention it, I did find some 404's when I did my BTS name-search. Oddly they were all in reference to pirated copies of BTS. (I've always wondered how small independent developers combat this issue and was hoping to find some useful nuggets of wisdom...)

Thanks for the clarification.

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