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From the Horses Mouth - - - Searing Fire?

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From the George Patton link supplied by rune.

These are instructions from G. Patton to his

Third Army. Did he expect enough White Phosphorus to be supplied to his army and distributed in sufficient quantity to make his wishes reality?

And should we not see at least a little made

available ------------?


Tank attacks can be stopped by artillery concentrations of white phosphorus and high explosives.

immediately take under fire enemy anti-tank guns, and either reduce them or blind them with smoke or WHITE PHOSPHORUS.

When tanks use smoke or WHITE PHOSPHOURS against infantry, tanks, or anti-tank guns, they should continue to fire into the smoke with high explosive or with machine guns if they are within range in order to prevent enemy movement.

Tanks should remember that anti-tank guns are not armored and are therefore susceptible to effective results from high explosive and WHITE PHOSPHORUS.

In tank versus tank duels, the first round should be armor piercing. If this fails, the second round MUST be WHITE PHOSPHORUS and short so as to give our tank a chance to maneuver, because by keeping it's gun laid on the smoke, it has a better chance of getting in the second telling shot than has the enemy, who when he emerges from the smoke does not know the location of our vehicle.

They(tanks) should fire at these targets(suspicious locations)with high explosive or with WHITE PHOSPHORUS, because if the enemy receives such fire, he will consider himself discovered and reply at a range so great as to render him ineffective.



--hasty attacks are not coordinated attacks. "Haste makes waste".

NOTE on ABOVE: it is my opinion designers too often short change the alotted turns=time for scenarios.(recon by fire)

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