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Movie file passwords

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I just finished a game vs. Teach, in which I was saving the movie files. Is there any way for me to remove or change the password I was using for my side, so I can post the movies without a password or with Enter as the password?

I'm debating about whether or not to post my first AAR.



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Um, why not just tell people the password? Then, next game, just use a different password.

Or is your password a word that nice people don't say?

In any event, no there's no way to remove/alter the password, short of decrypting, decompiling, modifying and recompiling the code.


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I have wanted to do this myself but I do not believe there is a way.

I use different passwords for each game. I can then post a battle and not worry about compromising security after giving out the password.

Hope this helps.



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