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Guest MantaRay

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Guest MantaRay

Hi guys, I am now having problems with CM. I had a K6-2 450 and it died suddenly on Friday. So on Tuesday, I got a P3-550 with an ASUS PcV133 Mainboard. Here is my total specs:


192MB PC-100 RAM

DV770 32MB (non-ultra) Vid card

Yamaha Sound Card

Asante 10NIC PCI network card

Intelimouse Explorer(w/o drivers loaded...using default mouse drivers)

MS Internet Keyboard Pro(w/o drivers..Ie..default 101 keyboard drivers)

Win 98(first edition with all of the updates)

48X CD Rom


And I have tried every video card driver ever made for the DV770. And my Bios is updated to the latest one also.

Ok, I keep locking up while playing the game or it just crashes to desktop. When it locks up and I left click my mouse button, it dings or chimes and I have to hit escape to go back to desktop. I have tried re-downloading and re-installing CM and it is the same result. I can usually play a few turns, but it always goes back to the same result.

And sometimes I get fatal exception errors like VxD VMM(01)

Also, when i play Half-Life it will play for a while and then crash back to the desktop also.

The thing is that I went to the Direct X Diag and tested and everything came up ok, but I am almost at my witts end.

I guess if anyone can help me decide whether it is a video card that has died and I need a new one, or do I need a fan for it. Or maybe it is some other problem altogether.

Any help will be appreciated



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Guest Pham

Dumb question: Are you sure that you're using the default drivers(MS 2 button mouse, or something similar), and not the default Intellimouse drivers? I'm asking because they'd probably load transparently when the OS was installed, and Intellimouse has been shown to cause CM problems(as with other games).

And, if not, are you running lots of overhead programs(virus scanners, ICQ, or whatever)? If so, ctrl-alt-del to the taskmanager and shut down everything except explorer and systray and see if the game works. VxD errors usually are software/driver problems, so it's probably not heat or a video card.

If all else fails, try to re-install windows(into the same directory it's currently in). Could be something didn't get copied right.

Also, here's a link that may help(or may not, who can predict these things...) http://home.tampabay.rr.com/philip1/Windows/win_bugs.htm

If that doesn't work, maybe a call to an exorcist is in order.



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You may need to load the VXD for the AGP port (Via GART). The VIA AGP port probably isn't fully supported with Win98 1st Ed's drivers (2nd Ed probably doesn't either).

Via's Driver website:


I suggest downloading the AGP 4.02 driver, the "Via 4-in-1" drivers v. 4.20 & 4.17. Tom

's hardware page mentioned some issues with AGP performance and the 4-in-1 4.20 drivers, so the 4.17's are posted still.

I would install the 4.17 4-in-1 driver first, see if that fixes your problem. If not then go to 4.20 and then install the 4.02 AGP patch.

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