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CMHQ's refresh

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Matt, just wanted to say I like the changes you've made recently on the site. I especially like that there are more "tables of contents" pages, like the AAR section. It was sorta annoying to wait a few minutes for every selection from all AARs to load just to check into the Fionn/Rick game. Now we only have to wait for the link-headers, then we can go straight to what we want.


ps Fionn, I want you to KILL Rick. You hear me? KILL! If you utterly destroy him, he'll lose his edge, and that will benefit me!

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Guest Madmatt

Thanks Doug! I sometimes wonder if you guys notice all the little extras I try and stick in the site. I finally just put in a note about using the logos at the top of each page as a back button. I assumed most people never realized it (even though I made it so it said that when the cursor was passed over the picture! biggrin.gif Well, In IE at least frown.gif)

What you have seen is what I refer to as CMHQ version 1.5! I have been going back through and trying to get all the pages that are graphic intensive to have what I call 'Index Pages" it may be one more page to go through (and update wink.gif) but it will allow you to get exactly to the page you want without loading a bunch of pictures you have already seen before. Expect more progress in this department in the days to come and then be prepared for CMHQ version 2.0!!! It should ROCK!!!

Madmatt out cool.gif


If it's in Combat Mission, it's on Combat Mission HQ!


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