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Doghouse Reily

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Welcome to TacOps you will have lots of fun with it. The manual is not provided in a hard copy form. To have it printed would increase cost/shipping charges. One option is to print it yourself and then take it to an Office Depot kind of store and have it bound. I purchased a pack of binders and the hard plastic covers/ "bookends" and just go in and use their binder back by their copy services area. They have one available for customer use.

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> I do not understand why companies would not

> put a hard copy manual instead of a pdf copy.

Most computer wargamers are no longer willing to pay an adequate amount for their games let alone for paper manuals. smile.gif

It costs several dollars per packge to add a quality paper manual. A thick paper manual also adds to the cost of packaging, handling, and shipping. The number of people who will refuse to buy a product without a paper manual is not significant when compared to the overall cost of including one.

The direct and indirect documentation included on the TacOps4 CD weighs in at about 9,000 letter sized pages - Tutorial, User Guide, Change Log, TacOps Gazette Compilation, 21 US Army Field Manuals, and 15 USMC Publications. The Military Reference Library CD contains about 37,000 pages of field manuals.

I can't afford to provide paper for a niche market product that has to be sold for $25 to $35.

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Major I would like to disagree to a point here. Dangerous Waters by it's members have only had praise for the announcment that they will be able to buy a 540 page bindered version of the manual. Many wargames forums have members asking if there is a manual that can be bought, though there are the ones who prefer not to have a hardcopy. Actual sales of the DW manual will put the question to the test.

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Originally posted by Doghouse Reily:

Is there any way to get a manual in book form

with the bundle.

I do not understand why companies would not

put a hard copy manual instead of a pdf copy.

It is much more user friendly with a hard copy.

I have been considering purchaceing the bundle

but, I don't care for the pdf manual.


You could find an old TacOps fan like me who still has his manual from when the game was published under Arsenal Publishing and mug him :-p

I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure the acrobat files hold lots more information then the original manual. I think the improvements in the game and additional manuals and military documentation well make up for the lack of a hardcopy manual ;)

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