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Mark IV Wins the Lawyer's Cup (Barely)

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It was a hard fought contest, followed by a very close election. Putting aside my personal pain and disappointment, however, I hereby declare that Mark IV is the Official Winner of the Lawyer's Cup.

Come on up and get your Prize, Mark-O! "From Hell to Victory" (starring George Peppard, George Hamiltion, Horst Bucholz, and Capucine) will soon be winging its way to you in Fresno, California. God knows, this could be the biggest thing to happen in Fresno this year.

For those of you hiding in a hole, full details on the Lawyer's Cup contest and the actual tabulation of votes by the Jury of Jackals can be found on the following threads --



Lawyer was the clear Popular Vote Winner in this contest. Nonetheless, I lost out to Mark IV in a close re-count of votes that was dominated by archaic election rules. To my many supporters, especially Andrew Hedges and Maj. Bosco, let me say that I value your support. We made a tremendous effort! We won the popular vote! Unfortunately, we missed the final Prize by a single vote.

I care about the CM People more than myself! I will not cloud this election, no matter how unfair, by challenging the result. I congratulate Mark IV for his clever campaign, his luck in battle, and his good fortune in having "From Hell to Victory" to view whenever he needs to see a stirring war drama.

Let me also recognize the others in this contest. While certainly NOT Winners, they cannot be labelled Losers either. No, not even Captain Foobar. They lusted for the Prize, they fought the good fight, and they shall live to fight again.

I also announce that Mark IV has indicated his willingness to put the Lawyer's Cup up for grabs again in another Herculean match. Captain Foobar and I are automatically entered, and our new matches will be starting soon. Mannheim Tanker and I are already at it.

Those of you who have followed this momentous event closely know that Captain Foobar and I have exchanged a few words from time to time. I say let bye-gones by bye-gones. As special amends to the Good Captain, I am awarding him the Rainy Winter European Vacation Prize to honor his contributions to the contest! I can honestly say it would not have been the same without his whining and moaning.

Therefore, I shall be sending Captain Foobar my own personal copy of another great bad WWII war movie, entitled "Fireball Forward" or something like that. It stars Ben Gazzara and Ricardo Montalban (doing a Frenchy routine that even surpasses George Hamilton). Hey Captain, for all you do, this one's for you. Just send me the address of the shelter where you receive your mail.

Well, thank you all for everything. I especially want to thank my agent, my mother, my cat, all the good folks at BTS, not forgetting.......



Only the Lawyer knows what Evil lurks in the minds of men....

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