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Sometimes it's just the little things in life that give you a small buzz. Like most I am trying different things in the scenarios to occupy my boredom 'til the real thing arrives, just in the middle of playing R'berg again frown.gif as the Americans, after pounding the crap out of buildings with tanks, mortar & spotted arty (Reisberg looked a bit Dresden),with my HMG & MMGs in support the grunts assaulted the rubble. This assault was viewed from the hill ( Another good movie) behind the MGs. During the course of a couple of turns the dopey .50 cal stopped firing, when I checked the squad at the end of the turn I found out that the gun was jammed! :eeK: Funny how little things excite you for the first time, or is it scurvy ( For those who are medically uninformed scurvy is caused through a vitamin defeciency Vitamins C&M). rolleyes.gif Sorry about the rambling.

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