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small narley glitch with TCP/IP

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Hi guy.. I had a game oh three days ago with MACE.. a 700pt quickbattle.. I bought my stuff he his.. just as we got to the setup phase we lost contact and got bumped out of the TCP/IP... thats no prob cuz you can start up the game from autosave right??! well it did.. we started again thinking we could place our fresh bought units.. but NO we got a messages

in the likes of "this turn you may not give orders, just click GO" well.. ok but we had troops on the default map edge set up.. was quite anoying me finks, ok it was a only a 700pt game but what ifs we had a 2000 going.. thats alot of crap sitting lined up like a Can Can Dancing row at the back of the map.

One wish if the game pops out of TCP/IP before deployment of troops, the players should still be able to position the units and give order. BTS is that to much of a headace to do?

thanks for your responces.



cpDer Kessel Home of „Die Sturmgruppe“; Scenario Design Group for Combat Mission.

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