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NEW bumpy textures - Results:

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When I 1st used the bumpy textures I thought they didn't look as good and were quite patchy and ugly. But I kept it because its FAR better for seeing elevations. Now I'm used to it I went back to the old 1's just to see the difference. The old 1 looks so plain its damn right horrid. Use the bumpy 1, its takes some getting used to but its worth it.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jpinard:

July 18 -

New bumpy grass textures posted. I'd like to see people's comments on them.

1. Better than the game defaults?

2. Better than MadMatt's grass?

3. Good/Bad for seeing elevations? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

1. Not better, just different. Question of taste, really...

2. See 1.

3. In a sense: It has only three different tiles, so you'll be able to spot the difference between high, middle and low, but virtually nothing in between. The brush in the new pack looks very good, so do the treebases.

Maybe a bit too dark, the woods bases, though.


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