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I regretably had to bail out from the gamey recon threat (son, 3510g, 50 cm, born at 0314hrs, Tuesday 20th :).

Anyway, I wish to make a request:

when the game design team posts something, ideas, comments, whatever, they should not in my opinion use the Big Time Software/Moderator handle all the time.

Name and description Game Designer or something along those lines would be more appropriate. The BTS/Moderator handle should be reserved to other kinds of posts, not personal opinions by the design team. If they wish to make derisive notes about fellow members and their opinions they should not do it under the "official company" name. Can BTS/Moderator be banned from the board for abusive language anyway ?

In the threat in question it seemed to me that at times Steve is acting as if somebody (a 30 year old letcher) is sleeping with his 16 year old daughter and not exploiting a hole (the size of a jeep :) in the code. That hole should have been spotted during playtesting. I do not think there is a right and a wrong way to play any game. Only the way that is allowed by the parameters set by the program code. If there are tactics or methods that are considered "givens" when playing the game they should be said out loud. Browbeating an "offender" is not very good damage control.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Airborne:

Congrats and good luck. My son was born on July 10th. Bout a week before I discovered CM. Two wonderful events in a very short time. About did me in---still may...... wink.gif


I've got to warn you, they trick you when they're infants. My kids are (almost)6 and 4, and while they were all quiet and cute and stuff at first(ok, they're still cute), they develope voices...

Now it's Dad, dad, dad,dad, dad, dad, dad, and they don't even seem to grasp the importance of what I'm doing when I tell them that I've got to open up the Son Bridge, ASAP, or the Allied advance will grind to a halt and that they should bug thier mother.

Has any CO ever successfully completed a dangerous attack behind the enemy lines with thier kids yelling in thier ear? I doubt it, and I haven't read any history accounts to the contrary.

Though, on the plus side, my 4 year old daughter asks me, "when I get bigger can I play Combat Mission?" every few days, then goes and announces that she can to her friends...

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