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CGO Gives CM a Thumbs Up!

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For my first post on this board I wanted to share some good news. Check out http://www.cdmag.com look at todays links (6/22) on the left and find the "Quick Take" for Combat Mission. The article is most favorable!

I first learned about CM about a month ago, and recently d/l'ed the Gold Demo. Great game! I decided today to order the game so I hope to get it by early/mid next week. I can hardly wait!


edit: fixed link (I hope! smile.gif)

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And this is what their wargame newsletter says (this is just in)

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Combat Mission has arrived, and first impressions are good. It takes some getting used to, but the feel is right and the look is compelling. I like the unpredictability of battles; they are unpredictable in the right sort of ways, with results falling it seems within the realm of probability but with enough variation to keep things interesting. Our reviewer is plugging away at it now.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

More later...

Griffin @ work - place


"+" is just the beginning. Expect to see "GriffinCheng76", "GriffinCheng(105)" or "GriffinChengA3E8" more should Forum problems occur again :(

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they also say:

"Because the game is fully 3D, you have to rethink a lot of what you know about

wargames. The combat modeling is physics-based to a large degree; the ballistic qualities of

armor and armor-piercing weapons generally determine the effects of combat, rather than an

abstract combat results table. Combined with the vagaries of moving and sighting on a 3D

battlefield, there is very little that is firm and fixed about a Combat Mission game. Even if

you play the same scenario over again, it’s unlikely things will unfold in exactly the same

manner. This can be frustrating to "min-maxers," gamers who insist on calculating to the

nth degree all possible combat outcomes, but hey, that’s war.

We haven’t had time to begin to explore this game

fully, but our reviewer is slaving away at it even as we

speak. Our first impression, however, is quite favorable.

This appears to be a fascinating mix of the detail you’d

find in a traditional Squad Leader-style tactical

wargame with the visual appeal and minute detail you’d

see in a miniatures game. If you have any interest in

WWII tactical wargaming, you owe it to yourself to at

least check out the demo (and of course our review will

offer further information). Combat Mission is available

only through Battlefront.com, www.battlefront.com,

which is where you can get the demo as well.

by Robert Mayer

©2000 Strategy Plus, Inc."


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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